What Does Facebook Whatsapp 19 Billion Mean In Terms of BI?

It means data! It means knowing which fb accounts can be linked with a phone number. It means they can tell who is active and who isn’t. They can actually do so much with the data but what’s best is that there will be huge improvements with their predictive analytics in terms of accuracy. Every word mentioned in Whatsapp could be analysed, meaning they know what you’re doing, where you are, and tell your future. For example, key words like “booking”, “Friday” can be captured and predict the place you’ll be. Monitoring “birthday” may in fact send you birthday gifts recommendations. In the end, they can earn a lot more from focusing direct marketing. They can monitor your historic events and even suggest your breakfast during your daily drive to work. You see where I’m heading right? If done properly, they can even update your status on fb based on conversations said on whatsapp.

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