Everything You Need to Know about Strategic and Deployment Planning

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Balanced Scorecard

SWOT Analysis

Brief Introduction on Strategic Planning

Choosing KPIs

Now we will move on to benefits of Strategic Planning and then taking it further with Deployment Planning.

An increasing number of small business owners are coming to realize the huge importance of strategic planning and deployment planning. Simply put, strategic planning is a basic tool that helps an organization focus its energy to achieving a common goal and ensures all its members are working toward the same goal. Strategic planning is all about creating disciplined decisions and actions that guide an organization, stating what it is, what it does and why the organization does it. While the focus of a strategic plan is on the entire organization, a business plan focuses solely on one product or service.

The way that a strategic plan is designed and used depends mainly on the unique nature of each organization – its complexity, leadership, culture and size. This process is strategic because it involves strategies and plans to respond to both positive and negative circumstances of an organization.

Strategic & deployment planning involves a strategic vision, which is the place the organization sees itself in the near and distant future. Moreover, its strategic vision is a statement of what an organization stands for and believes in. This vision is aimed to articulate a credible, attractive and realistic future for the organization.

Strategic Planning Models

There are a plethora of perspectives, approaches and models used in strategic planning. Some of the most widely used strategic planning models are:

1. Goal-based planning: the most common type of strategic planning, focusing mainly on the organization’s mission, the goals adjacent to this mission and the strategies to achieve these goals.

2. Issues-based planning: starts by examining the issues that the organization faces and then selecting the right strategies to deal with these issues.

3. Organic strategic planning: this model starts by articulating the company’s values and vision and by creating action plans designed to adhere to this vision.

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