Oracle Smart View for Office Released

Since the release of we can now user Smart View with Windows 10 and Office 2016. I always suggest to keep updating your Smart View as this is the Oracle’s Strategic Office Integration Tool.

The newest Smart View version can be found here

Fixes in this release:

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What’s New In This OBIEE Version? Cumulative Feature Overview Took Kit

So you might ask your Oracle Sales, what’s new in this Oracle BI EE version. Majority of the time, they will tell you a few features.

Here’s the site, Cumulative Feature Overview.

The objective of the tool is to help IT plan ahead to its upgrades and whether it is worth it. Obviously, I if you read my post on “OBIEE Features that makes you upgrade today!”, you will find it absolutely worthwhile to upgrade!

Here’s how to use it:

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Oracle Smart View for Office Patch 21635725 Out Now!

I don’t usually send out information on Smart View patches but in OBIEE, there is one particularly resolved issue that needs to be highlighted and worthwhile to make your upgrade today. It is highlighted in blue below.

Download here

Oracle BI EE

19475349 — In reports created in the Smart View View Designer, if the associated data contained the hexadecimal value of 0x13, an invalid character error occurred, resulting in this message: “’!!’, hexadecimal value 0x13, is an invalid character.”

20295285 — Oracle BI EE content is not viewable in Smart View when called from an Oracle BI EE catalog shortcut link.

20698288, 20803386 — When retrieving data from a table in Oracle BI EE, the first column gets merged every 500th record.

20833815 — When more than three tables from Oracle BI EE are inserted into a worksheet, the cell positions of some tables are not maintained.

20912635 — Column order is not maintained in Smart View after the BI Answers table is modified and a new column is inserted between two existing columns.

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Oracle Tech Article – Taking Your OBIEE to the Next Level with SmartView VBA

Taking Your OBIEE to the Next Level with SmartView VBA is meant to be for end users. Yes, it may sound techy, but with the help of macro recorders and Google it’s actually not that difficult after all. Thank you Oracle and OTN for publishing my article!!! And a special thank you to Bob Rhubart for making this happen!!!

OBIEE SmartView Part 3 – Your own secure mini reporting book

Your own secure mini reporting Excel workbook or NOT?

OBIEE SmartView Part 1 – Creating your first OBIEE SV Report

OBIEE SmartView Part 2 – Connecting to Essbase

It is required to have the skills from Part 1 and Part 2 before you can fully understand what I am doing here. I will not provide screen shots for every step.

What you will achieve after reading this is a way to create your own mini reporting book or even a dashboard with full security and data refresh when needed.

First, you are required to create a new workbook and from Part 2, create Excel Table in sheet 1 (ExcelTable sheet in Part 2) and for the chart, click on cell H1, then click View Designer then follow steps in Part 2 to create the Line Chart. Your result should look like this:



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OBIEE SmartView Part 2 – Connecting to Essbase?

Why would you use OBIEE SmartView Connection and Connect to Essbase?

Before we continue, you need to know how to use SmartView connecting to OBIEE, which was part 1 and can be found here:

So why would you use OBIEE SmartView instead of SmartView Provider Services when connecting to Essbase? For 3 simple reasons:

  1. Easy creation of Tables instead of Pivot Tables. This could be used for data export, or filtering dimensions that you don’t want to be displayed.
  2. Creating simple charts without too much Excel skills.
  3. Sharing your report through OBIEE Catalog.

I’m sure you will think of other reasons, but let’s just start with those common ones for now. You might also want to read OBIEE Integration with Essbase before you continue reading:

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OBIEE SmartView Part 1 – Creating your first OBIEE SV Report

I’m going to keep the title simple, OBIEE SmartView, and the main purpose of this part will be using SmartView to create analytical reports. Please feel free to ask questions.

Creating a SmartView OBIEE Connection

The version of SmartView I’m currently using: which is the latest version when posting this article. You can download this version here: Patch 19858481

To create a SmartView connection for OBIEE, go to the SmartView ribbon, then click Panel, then click Private Connections. At the bottom, click create new connection and you will see a popup screen. You have two choices, SmartView HTTP Provider or Oracle BI EE. Obviously, go choose Oracle BI EE, then enter URL http://host:port/analytics/jbips

Replace host and port with your server configurations.

After that, you’ll be asked to save your connection.

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