OBIEE Features that makes you upgrade today!

You get what you want! Oracle is listening!

To download click here! Also like to take this chance to congratulate KScope15 which I’m missing out this year! Hopefully Chicago KScope16 will be easier for me to get to. Remember to pay a visit to BITeamwork and being able to Collaborate in OBIEE is really a great feature!

It’s been a long while since I’ve been properly writing. A list of features you will start using today! I will go through these features individually. Feeling excited!!!

  1. HTML5 (New Charting Engine) 
  2. SmartView (Best Office Integration)
  3. Treemap (New Graphics)
  4. Prompt before Opening Dashboard (Delay Execution)
  5. Save Column As (Saving Custom Column)
  6. Global Variable (Saving variables or custom formula)
  7. Subject Area Search (Searching in Subject Area)
  8. Custom Image Upload
OBIEE New Visuals
OBIEE New Visuals

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Oracle Tech Article – Taking Your OBIEE to the Next Level with SmartView VBA

Taking Your OBIEE to the Next Level with SmartView VBA is meant to be for end users. Yes, it may sound techy, but with the help of macro recorders and Google it’s actually not that difficult after all. Thank you Oracle and OTN for publishing my article!!! And a special thank you to Bob Rhubart for making this happen!!!

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