ODI 12c Petition – ODI KMs for Essbase, Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Financial Management in ODI 12c

Since ODI 12c doesn’t officially support Essbase, Planning and HFM, it becomes extremely hard to perform complex ETL with multi-source data with just FDMEE option, especially if you have OBIFS. Go here and sign this petition! Tell Oracle you want it! http://www.change.org/p/oracle-announce-support-for-the-odi-kms-for-hyperion-planning-and-hyperion-financial-management-in-odi-12c-by-december-31-2014

Tell Oracle you want them to stay committed to the Hyperion Knowledge Modules for Oracle Data Integrator.

The integration tool of choice for Hyperion has a history of poor commitment levels due do rebranding agreements.  Older users of Hyperion will remember Hyperion Application Link (HAL) which was a rebranded product from Vignette.  Then there was Data Information Management (DIM) which was Informatica rebranded.  Both have gone out of fashion and customers were left with solutions that are no longer supported.  We hope this does not happen with ODI.

When Oracle purchased Sunopsis and renamed the product to Oracle Data Integrator it positioned ODI as “a best-of-breed data integration platform focused on fast bulk data movement and handling complex data transformations.”  Unlike the previous rebranding agreements ODI is a product Oracle actually owns and has greater ability to develop and integrate with Hyperion.  The 11g version of ODI listed top new features including “Adapters for Hyperion Planning, Financial Management, and Essbase.”  What is new for 12c?  Is it the removal of Adapters for Hyperion Planning and Financial Management?  We hope not because many customers will be negatively affected by that decision.

Sign this petition and let Oracle know your interest in the Oracle Data Integrator Knowledge Modules for Hyperion.  Oracle has publicly stated they will support the Hyperion Essbase Knowledge modules for ODI, however no such acknowledgement has been made for the Hyperion Planning and Hyperion Financial Management Knowledge modules.  Rumor has it they are considering stopping support for these KMs.

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