OBIEE Bugs Fixed

New Patch – Click Here

1: Oracle Business Intelligence Installer (BIINST)

No new bug fixes.

2: Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP)

New bug fixes in this patch are shown in the following list:

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OBIEE FusionCharts Part3 – Advanced Integration

OBIEE FusionCharts Part3 – Advanced Integration

A quick link to previous parts:

Part 1 – Installation

Part 2 – Data Integration

At this point, everyone should have completed Parts 1 and 2. I can see that there are quite a lot of feedback and views, so I’ve decided to go a bit more with advanced integration.

This part will cover 2 areas which is integrating presentation variables for your header as well as multi-series charting.

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OBIEE FusionCharts Part2 – Data Integration

OBIEE FusionCharts Part2 – Data Integration

For those who have already seen Part1, please continue, else here is the link back to Part1 OBIEE FusionCharts Part 1 – Installation.

So I guess everyone’s got their installation done and tested. This part will be about data integration.

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OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

*Feel free to share this article but please give me credits and a link back to this original article.

This tutorial is meant to be for more advanced OBIEE users and not beginners.

There will be a total of 4 parts to the full OBIEE FusionCharts Integration.

Part 1 – Installation

Part 2 – Data Integration

Part 3 – Advanced Integration

Part 4 – FusionCharts Configuration

I have always wondered why there aren’t any topics on integrating FusionCharts, amCharts and HighCharts? They work all the same using javascripts.

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5 Common Dashboard Design Mistakes

It’s always easy to criticize but you will definitely agree with the following 5 common dashboard design mistakes.

1. You try to explode the audience with data without context or objective

This is always the case since the BI project team constantly receives new requirements from different fields of users or groups. In the end, they need to come up with a design that fits all departments and users. The end result is disastrous since the only way to do this is the explode the dashboard with data and various targeted visualizations causing inappropriate display of data/media to end users The broad range of end users will not be engaged as the dashboard will contain metrics not specific to them and information they don’t understand. Moreover, there will be no actionable intelligence inside and resulting in low engagement rate or high bounce rate.

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