OBIEE Integration with – Part 2 Setting Up ODBC Driver

OBIEE Integration with

  1. Part 1 Setting Up SFDC
  2. Part 2 Setting Up ODBC Driver
  3. Part 3 Creating Your First Answers (Analysis) Report
  4. Part 4 Embed OBIEE to SFDC

Continuing from Part 1, we will also need to install and configure ODBC Driver. There are a few choices for choosing your drivers as follows:

  1. Progress DataDirect Connect – Salesforce ODBC Drivers
  2. Simba Technologies – ODBC Drivers with SQL Connector for use with Salesforce
  3. EasySoft – Salesforce ODBC Driver
  4. Rssbus – CDATA Salesforce ODBC Driver

With the above choices, it really does make life tough to choose which driver to purchase. I actually tried them all and they all work fine with my test environment. So the problem goes down to your SFDC scale. If you are using applications, then I would highly suggest you go with Progress. Progress is a listed company, well known with its DataDirect series, have been around for long enough with good field knowledge. On top, I’m pretty sure they have the most knowledgeable developers and support within the list. All this is packaged with the price, so decide for yourself. I personally think going with the best is usually the best option if money allows. Second to Progress would definitely be Rssbus (CDATA) and Simba Technolgies. They either have a large client list or certified for certain BI tools. This way, the driver gets updated more often because chances are your bug has already be encountered by others. I’m not saying EasySoft is a bad choice, but if you move further down the road, I think  Simba or Rssbus providing JDBC choices for Publisher maybe a good idea. I tried to find JDBC driver on EasySoft website, but wasn’t able to find it.

Anyway, they all provide trial versions, so you might as well test it for your own. They all work similarly the same way.

In this post, I will be using Progress DataDirect for demonstration.

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