SmartView – Find Members Limitation

I know I said that I write something about Essbase, but recently I came across a problem with SmartView. I just want you all to know about it so that everyone can go around it.

My SmartView is connecting with Essbase ASO or BSO, it’s gives the same problem. As you know, you can find members with SmartView. And as you all know asterisk ” * ” can be used behind a string as a wildcard. So you can find “West Sales” by typing “We*”.

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EAL – Essbase Analytics Link for HFM Installation

EAL Installation

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management provides a seamless integration between Hyperion Financial Management applications and Business Intelligence tools. Analytics Links enables the ability to effortlessly expose HFM from within an Essbase database and use the Essbase analytical features on top of live HFM data.

Important Note: Prior to installing this product, you must download and install Oracle Universal Installer. Please refer to the Oracle Essbase or Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Fusion Edition links for downloading these products.

*Keep in mind that this installation cannot be rolled back.

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