Oracle Tech Article – Taking Your OBIEE to the Next Level with SmartView VBA

Taking Your OBIEE to the Next Level with SmartView VBA is meant to be for end users. Yes, it may sound techy, but with the help of macro recorders and Google it’s actually not that difficult after all. Thank you Oracle and OTN for publishing my article!!! And a special thank you to Bob Rhubart for making this happen!!!


What are Key Performance Indicators and Why Are They Important?

What are Key Performance Indicators and Why Are They Important?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are benchmarks used to measure results in an organization. Effective use of KPIs can drive improvement and growth in any company or business. KPIs must be relevant and streamlined to suit your type of industry or business. This article provides a brief introduction to KPIs and discusses their characteristics; it also provides relevant examples and insight on how to choose KPIs for your organization. KPIs is also a very important knowledge in order to correctly implement BI. So to make sure BI Projects are successful, in the coming months, I will cover some KPI knowledge.

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2014 TDWI Best Practices Award

Every year, the “TDWI Best Practice Award” comes up around Feb. It’s always a good practice to apply even though you may not win. In the end, it helps you review your projects done in 2013 and that’s never a bad thing. Moreover, you have a chance of winning, you never know. This is the most recognized BI Awards out there. Give it a go!

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Why Are There So Few BI Experts?

It is important to understand the characteristics of a good BI Expert:

  1. Good Listener
  2. Opened to Criticism
  3. Self Criticize
  4. Able to Think Again and Again and Again and Again…until Perfect!
  5. Logical
  6. Passionate
  7. Love numbers and graphs
  8. Explorer – Explore & Accept New Ideas
  9. Constantly wanting to help others with BI
  10. All round business knowledge
  11. Up to date IT knowledge & willing to keep learning (self-motivated)
  12. Never comfortable at where you are (knowledge)
  13. Good communication skills
  14. Good at maths
  15. Good at UX design
  16. Good with colors
  17. Always putting yourself in someone else’s shoes (both your colleagues and clients)
  18. Don’t mind revision after revision and revision then revision again.

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