List of bug fixed by 12c Bundle Patch and 11g BI BUNDLE SUITE

List of bug fixed by:

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OBIEE Enabling AutoComplete and Never Show Null for Prompts

Since Enabling AutoComplete function is supported by modifying InstanceConfig file.

This setting when set to true turns auto-complete on, which means that the Prompts Auto-Complete field is displayed and is set to On in the My Account dialog and in the Dashboard Properties dialog.


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OBIEE Print Dashboard Page PDF without Prompts

By default, OBIEE does not allow you to print PDF without the prompts. The best workaround is to create a custom button using javascript which points to a hidden dashboard page made for printing. Then we can disable the print button in the dashboard and just use the custom javascript button for printing.

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Adding New Fonts to OBIEE

Actually, this has been mentioned from many blogs before but I still get emails regarding this hence I will blog this again.

As an example, I will add two fonts to OBIEE.

  1. Calibri
  2. Century Gothic


You must make sure that you have already installed the font to C:\Windows\Fonts

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Demystifying OBIEE Essbase Date Measure – The Solution

About the mystery

One of my readers, Saptarshi, asked an excellent question. Original post here:

He asked:

I am integrating Essbase and OBIEE. I have few measures (accounts) as date in Essbase, such as Receipt Date etc.

Now when I fetch this in OBIEE, they appear as numbers.

How to get date measures from Essbase to OBIEE exactly the way they are sitting in Essbase?

And he’s right! They do appear as numbers. So I Googled and see how frequent this question is asked and if there were already answers I can refer him to. This is what I got!



Opps, just questions, no answers! Questions like this comes in every few years. Saptarshi actually also posted in Oracle Community too, 16 hours ago! Good job Google! As promised last night, I’m going to demystify and give you a solution to this! In return, just like my Facebook page which was just launched yesterday! Click here!

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OBIEE Features that makes you upgrade today!

You get what you want! Oracle is listening!

To download click here! Also like to take this chance to congratulate KScope15 which I’m missing out this year! Hopefully Chicago KScope16 will be easier for me to get to. Remember to pay a visit to BITeamwork and being able to Collaborate in OBIEE is really a great feature!

It’s been a long while since I’ve been properly writing. A list of features you will start using today! I will go through these features individually. Feeling excited!!!

  1. HTML5 (New Charting Engine) 
  2. SmartView (Best Office Integration)
  3. Treemap (New Graphics)
  4. Prompt before Opening Dashboard (Delay Execution)
  5. Save Column As (Saving Custom Column)
  6. Global Variable (Saving variables or custom formula)
  7. Subject Area Search (Searching in Subject Area)
  8. Custom Image Upload
OBIEE New Visuals
OBIEE New Visuals

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