Hong Kong Computer Society Annual Report FY14/15

Click here to view the HKCS Annual Report

The report is a very awesome ebook! Feel free to take a look and review what we all did this year!

A big thank you to all BISIG committee members and allowing me to have the chance to participate in this big family!



How to Do Operational Intelligence?

Operational Intelligence (OI) falls under the category of real time dynamics, business analytics which assists in delivering understandable visibility and insight into data, streaming business operations and events.

Operational Intelligence solutions help in solving queries about streaming data feeds and also event data which helps in delivering real time analytical results. It also helps organizations to take decisions without wasting time and acting upon precisely on these analytical insights through automated or manual actions.

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What Does Facebook Whatsapp 19 Billion Mean In Terms of BI?

It means data! It means knowing which fb accounts can be linked with a phone number. It means they can tell who is active and who isn’t. They can actually do so much with the data but what’s best is that there will be huge improvements with their predictive analytics in terms of accuracy. Every word mentioned in Whatsapp could be analysed, meaning they know what you’re doing, where you are, and tell your future. For example, key words like “booking”, “Friday” can be captured and predict the place you’ll be. Monitoring “birthday” may in fact send you birthday gifts recommendations. In the end, they can earn a lot more from focusing direct marketing. They can monitor your historic events and even suggest your breakfast during your daily drive to work. You see where I’m heading right? If done properly, they can even update your status on fb based on conversations said on whatsapp.

Is there any flexible BI dashboard tool that can be used without an expensive platform managed by IT?

Everyone should know that BI stands for Business Intelligence and not millions of IT expenses. At the end, the tool isn’t the biggest issue and actually software choice is probably one of the least significant decisions you’ll make. We should all start with the basics by answering these questions:

  • What are the objectives of the Dashboards?
  • How many dashboards do you need?
  • Are these dashboards shared across the enterprise or department?
  • Do they share the same KPIs but just different POVs?
  • Where are the sources of information? How clean are they? Will you need to join different sources?
  • How many users are there?
  • To what degree of latency can be tolerated?
  • In what availability window do you allow? End of Month? Daily? Real Time?

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2014 TDWI Best Practices Award

Every year, the “TDWI Best Practice Award” comes up around Feb. It’s always a good practice to apply even though you may not win. In the end, it helps you review your projects done in 2013 and that’s never a bad thing. Moreover, you have a chance of winning, you never know. This is the most recognized BI Awards out there. Give it a go!

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Why Are There So Few BI Experts?

It is important to understand the characteristics of a good BI Expert:

  1. Good Listener
  2. Opened to Criticism
  3. Self Criticize
  4. Able to Think Again and Again and Again and Again…until Perfect!
  5. Logical
  6. Passionate
  7. Love numbers and graphs
  8. Explorer – Explore & Accept New Ideas
  9. Constantly wanting to help others with BI
  10. All round business knowledge
  11. Up to date IT knowledge & willing to keep learning (self-motivated)
  12. Never comfortable at where you are (knowledge)
  13. Good communication skills
  14. Good at maths
  15. Good at UX design
  16. Good with colors
  17. Always putting yourself in someone else’s shoes (both your colleagues and clients)
  18. Don’t mind revision after revision and revision then revision again.

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