Oracle BI Mobile HD for Android Now Available

Yup yup, we’ve all been waiting!!!

Oracle BI HD for Android, here you go!!!

And you still want the link iOS link? Here it is too!

Some more information directly from Oracle.

And a video from Nilson Group here!

Not convinced?

Download the datasheet too!


OBIEE FusionCharts Part4 – FusionCharts Configuration

OBIEE FusionCharts Part4 – FusionCharts Configuration

A quick link to previous parts:

Part 1 – Installation

Part 2 – Data Integration

Part 3 – Advanced Integration

I have been extremely busy lately with a couple of POCs as well as working on Dodeca and Essbase, hence the delay of Part 4. I should of guess that you probably worked your way finishing it off by going to the FusionCharts documentation page here and the knowledge base here. I would still go through basics of configuring charts to get you guys started. If you need further skills on this, please refer back to FusionChart documentation since they are extremely easy to follow!!! At least much easier than any Oracle documentation.

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OBIEE Bugs Fixed

New Patch – Click Here

1: Oracle Business Intelligence Installer (BIINST)

No new bug fixes.

2: Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP)

New bug fixes in this patch are shown in the following list:

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OBIEE FusionCharts Part3 – Advanced Integration

OBIEE FusionCharts Part3 – Advanced Integration

A quick link to previous parts:

Part 1 – Installation

Part 2 – Data Integration

At this point, everyone should have completed Parts 1 and 2. I can see that there are quite a lot of feedback and views, so I’ve decided to go a bit more with advanced integration.

This part will cover 2 areas which is integrating presentation variables for your header as well as multi-series charting.

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What Does Facebook Whatsapp 19 Billion Mean In Terms of BI?

It means data! It means knowing which fb accounts can be linked with a phone number. It means they can tell who is active and who isn’t. They can actually do so much with the data but what’s best is that there will be huge improvements with their predictive analytics in terms of accuracy. Every word mentioned in Whatsapp could be analysed, meaning they know what you’re doing, where you are, and tell your future. For example, key words like “booking”, “Friday” can be captured and predict the place you’ll be. Monitoring “birthday” may in fact send you birthday gifts recommendations. In the end, they can earn a lot more from focusing direct marketing. They can monitor your historic events and even suggest your breakfast during your daily drive to work. You see where I’m heading right? If done properly, they can even update your status on fb based on conversations said on whatsapp.

OBIEE FusionCharts Part2 – Data Integration

OBIEE FusionCharts Part2 – Data Integration

For those who have already seen Part1, please continue, else here is the link back to Part1 OBIEE FusionCharts Part 1 – Installation.

So I guess everyone’s got their installation done and tested. This part will be about data integration.

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