OBIEE SmartView Part 1 – Creating your first OBIEE SV Report

I’m going to keep the title simple, OBIEE SmartView, and the main purpose of this part will be using SmartView to create analytical reports. Please feel free to ask questions.

Creating a SmartView OBIEE Connection

The version of SmartView I’m currently using: which is the latest version when posting this article. You can download this version here: Patch 19858481

To create a SmartView connection for OBIEE, go to the SmartView ribbon, then click Panel, then click Private Connections. At the bottom, click create new connection and you will see a popup screen. You have two choices, SmartView HTTP Provider or Oracle BI EE. Obviously, go choose Oracle BI EE, then enter URL http://host:port/analytics/jbips

Replace host and port with your server configurations.

After that, you’ll be asked to save your connection.

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Creating Text Entry in Essbase – SmartList

Essbase Text Entry – SmartList

You might all have known that Essbase does not store text. Yes, in a sense it doesn’t but it stores SmartList. In a way, smartlist are numbers that are tied with text. Payment terms maybe a good example to demonstrate this.

First, in your BSO / ASO outline, open up the Properties tab like below and ensure Typed Measures enabled is true (which is not by default). Then you will have a Text List Manager tab.


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SmartView – Find Members Limitation

I know I said that I write something about Essbase, but recently I came across a problem with SmartView. I just want you all to know about it so that everyone can go around it.

My SmartView is connecting with Essbase ASO or BSO, it’s gives the same problem. As you know, you can find members with SmartView. And as you all know asterisk ” * ” can be used behind a string as a wildcard. So you can find “West Sales” by typing “We*”.

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