Oracle Smart View for Office Released

Since the release of we can now user Smart View with Windows 10 and Office 2016. I always suggest to keep updating your Smart View as this is the Oracle’s Strategic Office Integration Tool.

The newest Smart View version can be found here

Fixes in this release:


  • 19308870 — After having been connected to a custom SSO provider in Smart View, then closing Excel without disconnecting, and then reopening Excel, users were not able to reconnect.
  • 20866653 — Launching Smart View from a web browser does not work unless Excel is already open.

    This fix requires Predictive Planning version

  • 21844115 — In the Japanese version of Smart View, in some of the Diagnostics dialog boxes, the Browse button was overlapping other dialog elements.
  • 22018035 — In Excel 2013, workbooks containing many Smart View functions, such as HSGetValue, took a long time to close.
  • 22828237 — When inserting a large table, the message,
    "Smart View handled an unknown exception thrown by Microsoft Office"

    is displayed.

  • 22845338 — When trying to access Smart View via Onelogin, users are unable to log in as the login screen is re-displayed after each login attempt.
  • 22526570, 23019281 — In an Oracle Access Management environment where web form authentication is enabled, after successfully logging in to Smart View, the following error message is displayed:
    Server Error - 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed 
    The page you are looking for cannot be displayed because an invalid method
    (HTTP verb) was used to attempt access

    Smart View now automatically closes the message, and users can continue their work.

  • 22900626 — On ad hoc sheets, Excel filters are retained after refresh.
  • 23001707 — When calling the Smart View API from the HypRetrieve() VBA function, other Excel events (for example, worksheet_activate) were triggered, causing the program to run incorrectly and impacting performance for each API call. In this release, there is no longer an issue with HypRetrieve().


  • 21317296 — On a multiple-grid worksheet that was converted from a single grid sheet, the first undo immediately after conversion does not revert the original grid to the state it was in before the sheet conversion.
  • 22865021 — On multiple-grid worksheets, rows and columns with missing data and zeroes were being displayed, even though the Suppress options for No Data / Missing and Zero were selected.
  • 23040040 — When submitting data from an array formula, a problem occurred that caused all cells to display the value of the upper left cell in the range.
  • 22872966 — You can now successfully convert an ad hoc sheet containing a single grid to a multiple-grid sheet. Before you begin, the grid on the sheet should be expanded; that is, it should not be the default grid placed on the sheet after first selecting Ad hoc analysis.

    To convert the sheet to multiple-grid, select the grid (with or without one more extra columns and rows surrounding the grid), then click Ad hoc analysis again. At the prompt, select Use sheet for multiple-grid ad hoc. Now you can select another area of the sheet for the next grid and perform ad hoc. Optionally, you can connect to another database before performing the second ad hoc.

  • 23089275 — Linked Reporting Object content was not in sync with dimension members. This release fixes the following issues:
    • After changing a dimension member, the POV in Linked Reporting Objects still referred to the old dimension.
    • After adding a new row in the grid, the POV in Linked Reporting Objects still referred to the row above or below the new row.

    Note that if you add new row to the end of the grid, the new row is not considered part of the grid. The message, “Select a data cell from grid” will display when you click Linked Objects. This is expected behavior.

  • 23184631 — Users were unable to edit content in a text box in an Office document.

Financial Management

19062362 — Starting with release, when ad hoc analysis is performed on a Smart Slice, the last cube view context is sent to the provider server for all sheets in the workbook. When trying to create a function on the next sheet, the Member Selection dialog box will show only the members in the Smart Slice.

Financial Reporting

21803394 — On Office 2007, 2010, and 2013, when connected to Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting, Microsoft Word suspends no longer terminates unexpectedly after inserting function grid, and then inserting a slider.

Oracle BI EE

  • 21795612 — In environments where the Oracle BI EE server locale and the Smart View client locale are different, the names of Oracle BI EE artifacts in Smart View—such as views, titles, tables, and graphics—display in the language of the Oracle BI EE server locale instead of the Smart View client locale.
  • 21825076 — After copying slides between PowerPoint presentations and then importing metadata, no metadata is imported and, after a refresh, a Smart View error occurs.
  • 22341398 — In the View Designer in Smart View, an error occurred when adding more than 16 attributes.
  • 22379226 — The folders displayed in the catalog view differed between Smart View and the catalog in Oracle Business Intelligence.
  • 22629074 — Changes made to the source view in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers, such as changes in filtering, were not reflected when pivot tables inserted in Smart View were refreshed.
  • 22867481 — When inserting a table view, then selecting “is equal to” on the prompted operator, and then selecting values for the prompt, an error is displayed after clicking OK.
  • 22912851 — In the View Designer, if you added more than one year to a filter, the View Designer only filtered on the first year and ignored any other years. Also, the filter operator drop-down list did not show all the operators, such as “is in”.


  • 21807966 — When Windows Regional Settings were set to anything other than English, the amounts shown in the Cell History screen were multiplied by 10.
  • 22644475 — Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud only: After running a business rule in a task list, clicking the Analyze command in the Planning ribbon resulted in a blank sheet.
  • 22667318 — Smart View terminated when submitting a form with no changed data (contains no dirty cells). With this fix, an error message now displays when submitting a form that has no changed data .
  • 22824882 — In data forms, the page dimension drop-down list boxes in the POV toolbar were overly wide, making them much larger than required, and resulting in a large amount of wasted space in the toolbar.

Author: Steve Yeung

Being in the EPM & BI field for more than 8 years, it's about time I contribute to newcomers! As a founder of I wish to give you all the help I can. Feel free to give any suggestions or questions. Hope you will all enjoy this blog! William Wong Essbase Certified Specialist OBIEE Certified Specialist

One thought on “Oracle Smart View for Office Released”

  1. I was using .600 with Excel 2013 64 Bit on Windows 8.1 and had to downgrade swiftly yesterday. This was because I had refreshed a couple of documents with ad-hoc grids, then passed these on to someone with .520. When they opened the documents, they got the error, ‘Smart View has handled an unknown exception thrown by Microsoft Office’ . I had to downgrade, click OK to the error on each sheet then save. Another issue I found (stopped me from rolling out .600 to the rest of the team) was that the ability to extend ranges by selecting more cells seemed to have disappeared. This worked fine in .520 by selecting more cells and clicking refresh. Do you experience these issues also?


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