OBIEE Print Dashboard Page PDF without Prompts

By default, OBIEE does not allow you to print PDF without the prompts. The best workaround is to create a custom button using javascript which points to a hidden dashboard page made for printing. Then we can disable the print button in the dashboard and just use the custom javascript button for printing.

Steps Below

To do this, first duplicate the dashboard page you want to print.

Then remove the prompt and hide it.

So for example, you want to print a dashboard page called “Total Markets”. Duplicate this page and rename to “Total Markets Print”. We can now remove the prompt from the page and hide the dashboard.


In the “Total Markets” page, make sure you set the prompt so that the scope is Dashboard instead of Page.


Add a text to the dashboard with HTML markup checked.

<script type="text/javascript">
function DashboardPrint(){
PortalPrint('/shared/_portal/PrintDemo', 'Total Markets Print', true, 'pdf');
<button class="PDFButton" onclick="DashboardPrint()">PDF</button>
 border:1px solid #84bbf3;
 padding:6px 20px;
 text-shadow:0px 1px 0px #528ecc;
.PDFButton:hover {
.PDFButton:active {

Finally, disable the default PDF print button dashboard in dashboard properties.

Results should look similar to this:

Final Look

Now you are ready for printing.

When you click the PDF button, it would not contain any prompts like below.



Author: Steve Yeung

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