Oracle Smart View for Office Patch 21635725 Out Now!

I don’t usually send out information on Smart View patches but in OBIEE, there is one particularly resolved issue that needs to be highlighted and worthwhile to make your upgrade today. It is highlighted in blue below.

Download here

Oracle BI EE

19475349 — In reports created in the Smart View View Designer, if the associated data contained the hexadecimal value of 0x13, an invalid character error occurred, resulting in this message: “’!!’, hexadecimal value 0x13, is an invalid character.”

20295285 — Oracle BI EE content is not viewable in Smart View when called from an Oracle BI EE catalog shortcut link.

20698288, 20803386 — When retrieving data from a table in Oracle BI EE, the first column gets merged every 500th record.

20833815 — When more than three tables from Oracle BI EE are inserted into a worksheet, the cell positions of some tables are not maintained.

20912635 — Column order is not maintained in Smart View after the BI Answers table is modified and a new column is inserted between two existing columns.


17021572 — The VBA function, HypSetConnAliasTable, was not setting the correct alias or POV for the connection.

17460364 — When the Predictive Planning extension is enabled in , and the user opens a composite form which does not have business rules associated with it, but the base forms do have business rules associated with them, a “Cannot cannot to the provider” error occurs while trying to save the form.

This issue is resolved with the Predictive Planning release.

21236427 — Smart View terminates abnormally when running the VBA function, HypGetMemberInformation, on a disconnected worksheet.

18370823 — When Formula Fill is enabled, formulas are removed after a Refresh.

19468792 — Web launch operations do not work from Internet Explorer 64-bit to Office 32-bit.

20741558 — The modified Smart View options are not maintained in the file once the file is saved after Sheet Info is deleted once.

20978013 — The VBA function, HypRetrieve, does not support creating a multiple-grid sheet. Use the HypRetrieveRange function instead.

See the example in “HypRetrieveRange” in the Oracle Smart View for Office Developer’s Guide.

21218542 — The VBA function, HypRetrieveRange, triggers in error the Excel event, Worksheet_Activate().

21237876 — If the Months/Period in the format of MMM-YY are selected from the POV drop-down, while the POV is on the grid in Excel versus in the POV Toolbar, then switching to another member causes Excel to automatically convert the member name to a date format.

21273300 — The VBA function, HypRetrieveRange, returns an unknown error code.

21285459 — The VBA function, HypZoomin, needs to be preceded by HypMenuVRefresh for zoom in to work.


18281711 — Starting with Smart View release, you can now perform Smart View Undo and Redo operations on a grid within a mulitple-grid worksheet by using the right-click menu. On a multiple-grid worksheet, right-click on a cell within the grid on which you want to perform the Undo or Redo operation, then select Smart View, and then Undo or Redo.

18428866 — A user with access privileges to an Oracle Essbase database is unable to create a Smart Query when connected to that database.

20170894 — Smart View refresh on multiple-grid worksheets fails when the sheet name contains a single quote (‘).

20471978 — Using a mix of dragging the mouse and pressing the Ctrl key to select a range of members for zooming in causes duplicate members to display.

21309712 — The HypZoomIn function does not work when the active sheet is not connected, even though a connection was made on a previous sheet.

21359206 — In some cases, when using a private connection with an ASO application, some ad hoc functionality, such as Zoom Out, Keep Only, and Remove Only, was not working.

20985138 — When performing ad hoc analysis against an Essbase data source, custom headers or footers are not displayed correctly in print preview.

21264168 — Users cannot submit #MISSING values using the Submit Data option, and must use the Submit Data Without Refresh option instead.

Financial Management

18605071 — When opening a form for the first time in Smart View, the preferences set from Smart View are honored instead of the preferences set in the Financial Management web application.

20641558 — For Financial Management data sources, HsSetText sends 0.000000 instead of cell text that HsGetText retrieves in the same sheet.

21055937 — Member search in the Member Selection dialog box doesn’t yield any results when working with Web Data Entry Forms.

21294021 — POV Manager does not display the dimension members for data points pasted in PowerPoint.

21182191 — If a web form contains the @Cur function and is saved locally as a sheet, and is then reopened in Smart View, an “Invalid Dimension ID” error occurs when data is submitted.


14805911, 17250666 — Performance may be very slow when launching the User Preferences dialog box from a Planning application in the Smart View Panel, and selecting members for user variables in Smart View.

20074859 — The Member Name Display option is not displaying aliases correctly in Planning ad hoc and forms.

20354913 — In Planning forms, changes to the page dimension do not carry over to the ad hoc grid after clicking Analyze.

20557471 — Planning members containing numbers only but defined as text, when modified in Smart View, save the decimal point in the application. As a result, the tooltip shows the member as a value with a decimal point and zeros; for example, 2013 shows as 2013.0000.

20557689 — Unable to edit in the Manage Approvals dialog box when the Task List panel is minimized.

20764410 — The VBA function, HypIsSmartViewContentPresent, returns incorrect content type if ad hoc analysis is invoked from the Smart View Panel when a Planning form is already open.

20782234 — An Essbase calculation script created for Planning is displayed as “Rule Set” type in Business Rules in Smart View instead of type “script.”

21034178 — In the Manage Approvals dialog box in Smart View, the names of the scenarios with a large number of characters gets truncated.

21359416 — When using Supporting Details for Planning in Smart View, it is not possible to input a ‘0’ unless the cell is active.

21376478 — The Search function for member selection is not working in Smart View for Business Rules Runtime Prompt.


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