Top Gun 2015 – Thanks Guillaume Slee – Essbase as a Source and Bursting in OBIEE?

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About Top Gun 2015

Top Gun is one of the most technical conferences in UK that focuses strictly on Hyperion EPM. This year, thanks to Guillaume Slee, EPM Services Director of Brovanture, kindly used some of the materials from my blog. I feel extremely glad to be referenced in his presentations. I would also like to congratulate him for being voted The Most Popular Presentation out of the entire conference! And again, thank you for referencing my materials!

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Essbase as a Source & Bursting in OBIEE?

Probably this was one of the questions asked in the conference? Interesting question, but with current Publisher, this could not be achieved for sure and I wouldn’t even try. Clearly because it is stated in the documents that SQL is the only available language for bursting in Publisher.

Any workarounds?

Well depending on your objective isn’t it? There’s bursting in Financial Reporting. If the bursting is about exporting in CSV or Excel or emailing reports in HTML format, I would recommend using Agents (traditionally known as iBots). I would not give a step by step guide here, but will do so later on probably in May as I have extremely limited time lately to write a in depth tutorial. An overview guideline to how this could be achieved is as follows:

  1. Create native users from MaxL with the same bursting security. Say for example you wanted to burst the Customer dimension, then create the same number of users as Customers with the security setup as the customer itself.
  2. Create an Analysis report. Please don’t use Customer as a filter. You would want the customer to be displayed in the report.
  3. Create an Agent
  4. Remember to run as recipient.
  5. Add all the users you created with MaxL. Of course, they will also need id for OBIEE.
  6. Run this report and if everything is setup correctly, they will individually get a report and security of the report is handled through Essbase instead. This would be quite similar to bursting in Publisher but of course with a lot more setup effort. Personally, I would use HFR for such bursting needs unless absolute necessary.

Author: Steve Yeung

Being in the EPM & BI field for more than 8 years, it's about time I contribute to newcomers! As a founder of I wish to give you all the help I can. Feel free to give any suggestions or questions. Hope you will all enjoy this blog! William Wong Essbase Certified Specialist OBIEE Certified Specialist

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