OBIEE Answers Another Great Print Options

Oracle Business Intelligence

Continuing from my on PDF Print with Page Breaks, I’ll expand on some other great features and a hidden command for print options.

Creating a Sample Answer

Let’s use Sample Sales to do this example. Create an analysis report like the following. Having Year, Month, Product Type, Product, Order Number, Order Status, Order Type, Revenue, Billed Quantity, Discount Amount.

As always, I’m lazy and saved it as untitled under my folders in catalog. I also filtered Year 2010 so that the results aren’t too many pages.


Lazy as I am, I’ll just use a table with everything left as default in Results section.


Print Options

Now, directly go the the printer icon with a little paper next to it. And set your paper size, orientation, print rows.

Notice I will set my Print Rows to All instead of Visible. As named, All will print all rows and visible will print only the displayed. What an unusual statement!



The fun part!

Include a footer and click edit button. You’ll get a screen like me at the bottom.

On the left box, I put Order Status as the report name.

On the right box, I put Run at @{timeCreated} @{dateCreated}

You can actually click Insert Field, where Time will insert @{timeCreated}  and Date will insert @{dateCreated}

Let’s move on to the middle box, where I inserted page numbers.If you insert Page Numbers, you will get @{pageNumber}. However, there is no total number of pages option for inserting.

There is a hidden feature which is the total number of pages which is @{numberofPages} and you will need to type this in.

My middle box goes like this: @{pageNumber} of @{numberOfPages}



Click OK and double check you have options like me below.



Save the report and open it through your catalog.

PDF Footer Results

Now Print PDF and check out your footer!!!


Till next time!


Author: Steve Yeung

Being in the EPM & BI field for more than 8 years, it's about time I contribute to newcomers! As a founder of I wish to give you all the help I can. Feel free to give any suggestions or questions. Hope you will all enjoy this blog! William Wong Essbase Certified Specialist OBIEE Certified Specialist

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