OBIEE Limit Prompt Values Bug Workaround

There’s a strange bug since which is when you want to limit prompt values by another prompt, the All Column Values default selection gets reverted to — Select Value–. Here’s what happens and the workaround to fix it.

Lets start by creating a Dashboard Prompt

Create OBIEE Prompt

Next, we’ll use Sample Sales Lite as an example.


We will need to create 2 Column Prompt


We will need Office and Organization for this example. Click Office for now.


In Options, Choice List Values, select All Column Values, then select Include All Column Values as well as the last 4 checkboxes. The Default selection, we’ll use All Column Values. You can follow the below screenshot.


For Organization, we will need to limit values by All Prompts and uncheck Enable user to type values. Default selection will be All Column Values. Follow below screenshot.


Next save the prompt, add to my dashboard and view the dashboard.




If you change the Office selection to Montgomery Office, you will see that Organization will be –Select Value–. This should actually be All Column Values in previous versions.


To fix this problem, go back and view the prompt. You will see that the options for Organization has been rolled back.


All you need to do is to set the prompt like before but also check “Enable user to type values”. Then everything will work fine again. Please note that this is a bug and I will raise an SR soon.



Author: Steve Yeung

Being in the EPM & BI field for more than 8 years, it's about time I contribute to newcomers! As a founder of I wish to give you all the help I can. Feel free to give any suggestions or questions. Hope you will all enjoy this blog! William Wong Essbase Certified Specialist OBIEE Certified Specialist

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