OBIEE and Essbase in BI Survey

There as a recent post saying that OBIEE is poorly ranked for Enterprise Reporting. Yes, it probably might not be the best. However, if BI Foundation Suite is purchased, then it really depends on the vendor if they implement correctly. Dashboard is a dashboard which is good for interactive reporting, data analysis, drilling. It isn’t the best idea for enterprise reporting though.

Let’s take a look at BI Survey and what they have for BIFS.


We can see that Dashboards and Enterprise reporting as well as Ad hoc Query is intensively used. So why is it ranked as poorly satisfied? It makes it interesting. It’s probably Essbase was not used wisely. Let’s take a look at Essbase:


A whooping 93% of the surveyed is already using Essbase as Enterprise Reporting and 91% for Ad hoc query. It took over BIFS. If you visit the site, it saids more because 70% of the surveyed in Essbase has more than 2500 users. Compared with BIFS which only has 57%.

I personally would even target having BIFS + Dodeca since BIFS already includes Essbase then it would make the best use of both. Enterprise reporting, Adhoc query and Enterprise Dashboards with mobile solution.


Also view Dodeca in BI Survey


Author: Steve Yeung

Being in the EPM & BI field for more than 8 years, it's about time I contribute to newcomers! As a founder of I wish to give you all the help I can. Feel free to give any suggestions or questions. Hope you will all enjoy this blog! William Wong Essbase Certified Specialist OBIEE Certified Specialist

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