OBIEE FusionCharts Part4 – FusionCharts Configuration

OBIEE FusionCharts Part4 – FusionCharts Configuration

A quick link to previous parts:

Part 1 – Installation

Part 2 – Data Integration

Part 3 – Advanced Integration

I have been extremely busy lately with a couple of POCs as well as working on Dodeca and Essbase, hence the delay of Part 4. I should of guess that you probably worked your way finishing it off by going to the FusionCharts documentation page here and the knowledge base here. I would still go through basics of configuring charts to get you guys started. If you need further skills on this, please refer back to FusionChart documentation since they are extremely easy to follow!!! At least much easier than any Oracle documentation.

Setting Border, Fonts, Background and Colors

I will be using the chart from Part 2 for this. They actually all work the same, at least 90% similar, so it doesn’t really matter. But for the sake of a shorter code, it makes it easier to demonstrate.

Our last chart in Part 2.


And the code below. We will modify the part highlighted in yellow.


You can simply copy the below Postfix with commentary for your easy referencing (highlighted in red color):

myChart.setJSONData( {
“chart”: {
// Set border of the chart, 0 with no border.
“showborder”: “0”,
// Set border of individual bars
// Set font properties
“basefont”:”Century Gothic”,
// Set chart background color to no color
“canvasbgalpha”: “0”,
// Change to 3 lines on Y Axis showing 100, 200, 300k
“numdivlines”: “3”,
// Change color of bar
“palettecolors”: “009dde”,
// Change Gradient Color
“plotgradientcolor”: “fba71a”,
// To have labels X Axis Label, then 1, else 0
“showlabels”: “1”,
// To have individual bar figures inside the bar then 1, else outside is 0
“placevaluesinside”: “1”,

“caption” : “Monthly Sales Summary” ,
“xAxisName” : “Monthly”,
“yAxisName” : “Sales”,
“numberPrefix” : “$” },
“data”:data_array } );

The end result should be as follows:



*Feel free to share this article but please give me credits and a link back to this original article.


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