Installing OBIEE 12c ( on Windows 7

As you may have noticed, OBIEE 12c just came out. I have decided to deinstall completely and install OBIEE on my laptop. Things wasn’t so smooth to begin with as I skipped all the documentation. During my installation, I found out that I will need Oracle DB to begin with, hence I deinstalled my Oracle DB as well.

In order to follow my tutorial, you will need the following downloaded:

  1. JDK 8 Minimum of 8u51 Download Here
  2. Oracle DB Download Here
  3. WebLogic Server Download Here
  4. OBIEE 12c Download Here
  5. OBIEE Client Tools Download Here (Which I still have problems with)

For your referencing, Christian and Shiva has an overview of what OBIEE 12c has to offer. View here for: Christian Screen and here for Shiva Molabanti

Once you have downloaded everything, you can continue reading.

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